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AcuiSee - Rodent Visual Acuity Using Behavioral Conditioning

Dr. Jeffrey A Jamison - Experimentica Ltd.

Live date was Nov 17th, 2021

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In this presentation, Dr. Jeff Jamison will briefly describe the current methods typically used to measure vision in animals. He will then discuss the basic concepts of operant conditioning and how it can be used to train rodents to perform visual tasks and measure the threshold of vision or visual acuity. The AcuiSee Vision Chamber, which Dr. Jamison has developed, is such a dedicated operant chamber used to measure vision in rodents. He will touch upon the calibration studies done to demonstrate a range of visual functions, pharmacological intervention, and disease modeling. Finally, he will discuss additional applications of the AcuiSee system, together with its potential in basic science research, toxicological screening, and pharmacological testing.

Key Topics

  • Measuring rodent vision
  • Operant conditioning
  • Rodent visual acuity measurement
  • AcuiSee – automated vision testing system

Learning Objectives

  • Operant conditioning and how it relates to determining vision in animals
  • How visual acuity and contrast sensitivity are related
  • Advantages of the AcuiSee system as a dedicated automated vision testing system
  • How rodents can be trained to perform visual tasks to measure their visual threshold or acuity
  • Applications of the AcuiSee system for basic research, toxicological screening and pharmacological testing

Background Reading

Light and Dark discrimination testing in Gnb3-/- rats. Marianna Bacellar-Galdino; John Rozofsky; Simon M Petersen-Jones; Jeffrey Adam Jamison
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High-Throughput Visual Acuity Device for Rats: Training and Development. Jeffrey Jamison; Scott Baron; Thomas Vihtelic
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A behavioural operant discrimination model for assessment and pharmacological manipulation of visual function in rats. Mikael A Carlsson, M D Swedberg
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doi: 10.1016/j.brainres.2010.01.029.

About the speaker

Dr. Jeffrey A Jamison

Dr. Jeffrey A Jamison

Director of Pharmacology
Experimentica Ltd.


Dr. Jamison is an experienced Drug Development and Vision Scientist, Serial Entrepreneur, and Consultant with over 25 years of ocular research expertise. He has formed several successful companies in the pharmaceutical and device development industry. In his role as President of Acuisee, Inc., Jeff has interests in systems to measure vision of animals to support welfare and drug discovery efforts. As Director of Pharmacology at Experimentica he leads a team of scientists to support ocular R&D efforts for companies from small start-ups to large pharma.

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