Dark adaptation made easy


Striatech's dark adaptation box "DarkAdapt" takes the hassle out of dark-adapting your experimental animals. DarkAdapt is completely light-tight. Nevertheless, it provides robust ventilation, so that you can thouroughly dark adapt your animal even over extended periods of time, and even in a well-lit laboratory environment.

in-vitro Electrophysiology

Basic retinal neurophysiology

  • Dark-adapt experimental animals before retinal recordings
  • Patch-clamping or multi-electrode-array recordings

in-vivo Electrophysiology

Pre-clinical research

  • Dark adaptation before scotopic ERG measurements
  • Dark adaptation before cortical or subcortical recordings


Night vision in health and disease

  • Dark adaptation before behavioral experiments
  • For optomotor testing of dark-adapted animals, we offer the ScotopicKit to be used with our OptoDrum

DarkAdapt: Briefly explained

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