Behavior in the lab and in the field


Striatech's InsectBall, developed by Hansjürgen Dahmen at the University of Tübingen, is an air-cushioned treadmill with robust design. It is light-weight and portable. It can be used indoors in the lab, but just as easily in the field. This allows studying insect navigation and locomotion in their natural habitat.

Visual navigation

  • Path integration
  • Navigation by landmarks and visual cuew
  • Complex environments
  • Dynamic behavior of running insects
  • Principles of locomotion

E-phys recordings

  • Neurophysiology of spatial memory
  • Neural mechanisms of insect navigation

Homing behavior

  • Visual cues
  • Goal directed navigation
  • Navigation in the natural environment
  • Navigation in a virtual reality

Optic flow

  • Information in the optic flow
  • Motion vector fields
  • Flux fields for proper motion
  • Estimated tasks

InsectBall: Briefly explained

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Track locomotion in the animals' natural environment

Cataglyphis desert ant. See Dahmen et al, JEB 2017

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Styrofoam Balls


Additional animal balls for the InsectBall.

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