OptoDrum Applications – Sodium Iodate Model of Retinal Degeneration


In our new video series “OptoDrum Applications” we introduce you to different research applications of Striatech’s OptoDrum. In this video, Prof. Dr. Enzmann from the University of Bern presents results of his research with the Sodium Iodate Model (NaIO3) of retinal degeneration using mice. 

As described by Hanus et al, “… Sodium iodate (NaIO3) injection has been extensively used as a pre-clinical model of RPE [retinal pigment epithelium] dystrophy and geographic atrophy (GA). NaIO3-induced retinal degeneration displays two features similar to age-related macular degenaration (AMD). First, low doses lead to a patchy loss of the RPE cells leaving spots void of autofluorescence as in GA. Second, the RPE loss not only affects the photoreceptors but also the underlying choriocapillaris. NaIO3 is thought to directly affect the RPE cells with secondary effects on photoreceptors and the choriocapillaris and has been shown to induce the production of reactive oxygen species contributing to damages in RPE cells.”CC BY 4.0

For the NaIO3 mouse model, Prof. Enzmann shows how RPE necrosis is followed by photoreceptor death (apoptosis), which causes visual deficits over time. This can be monitored by measuring the optomotor reflex.

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