Striatech offers an exquisite range of products for Neuroscience research.



Striatech's OptoDrum automatically determines the visual abilities of mice and rats. Based on the optomotor reflex, the OptoDrum's fully automated and reliable analysis finds visual acuity and contrast sensitivity quickly and objectively.



Striatech's ScotopicKit lets you extend the applications of your OptoDrum. With filter foils, you can stepwise reduce absolute light levels inside the OptoDrum to near darkness. Whether you want to monitor rod-based diseases, or ask questions about light adaptation - with the ScotopicKit you can evaluate your animals' visual threshold at different light levels, and characterize rod-driven vision.



Striatech's dark adaptation box "DarkAdapt" takes the hassle out of dark-adapting your experimental animals. DarkAdapt is completely light-tight. Nevertheless, it provides robust ventilation, so that you can thouroughly dark adapt your animal even over extended periods of time, and even in a well-lit laboratory environment.



Striatech's InsectBall, developed by Hansjürgen Dahmen at the University of Tübingen, is an air-cushioned treadmill with robust design. It is light-weight and portable. It can be used indoors in the lab, but just as easily in the field. This allows studying insect navigation and locomotion in their natural habitat.

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