The Ultimate Optomotor Drum

Vision testing in freely moving animals

The OptoDrum measures the visual abilities of your laboratory rodents: in-vivo, non-invasively, quickly, and automated. Using the optomotor reflex, you can quantify visual acuity and contrast sensitivity. This can serve as a readout for many applications:

  • the efficacy of new ophthalmic drugs
  • the toxicity of chemical substances
  • the effects of neural injuries
  • the advancement of certain neurodegenerative diseases

The OptoDrum

Briefly explained




See why the OptoDrum is the right tool for you.

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Fully automated process

>>  Automated animal detection
>>  Automated adjustment of stimulus pattern
>>  Automated behavioral analysis
>>  Fast, objective, and bias-free results


>>  Takes as little as 4 min per animal 
>>  As little as 50¢ per test

Easy Setup

>>  Can be used right out of the box
>>  Requires little training
>>  Front door allows easy handling of animal

For mice and rats

>>  Optional: Larger version optimized for rats

Easy and automated

Our software easily guides you through the measurements. You can keep full control over the testing protocol, or you can let the OptoDrum determine your animal's visual threshold completely automatically.

OptoDrum Software Interface

How it works

How it works