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In cooperation with InsightScientific and our North American sales partner Stoelting, Striatech is giving a webinar about measuring visual acuity and contrast sensitivity by optomotor reflex (OMR) in rodents. We will talk about OMR measurements with the OptoDrum and have two guest speakers present data from various applications.

Professor Volker Enzmann from the University Hospital Bern will discuss the pros and cons of using OMR measurements as a readout tool for visual performance in mouse models of retinal degeneration. In addition, he will share data from his research on multiple sclerosis, laser treatment and treatment with sodium iodate.

Dr. Kaushikaram Subramanian from the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology & Genetics in Dresden will explain how chromatin architecture affects light scattering by photoreceptor nuclei. Following, he will show how the chromatin architecture found in night-active animals provides a visual advantage under scotopic conditions.

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