Advent Calendar 2020

This year we have prepared an Advent calendar especially for you! Every Advent day we surprise you with a colorful mix of scientific content, pre-Christmas contributions, and posts that we hope will make you laugh. To make the whole affair even more exciting, there is also a raffle where you can win one of our DarkAdapt boxes! Learn more below.

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    What is an Advent Calendar?

    The Advent or Christmas Calendar is a special calendar used to count down the days  leading up to Christmas – a very popular tradition especially in German-speaking countries. Advent begins every year on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and traditionally refers to the waiting for Advent, the "arrival" of Christ. Modern Advent Calendars - like ours - use December 1 as the starting date, regardless of the official start of the season.

    The most popular Advent calendars today contain chocolate for every day before Christmas. These can be found throughout Germany at chocolate specialty manufacturers and in most grocery stores. They are a popular part of the Christmas season for both children and adults.

    Very often, parents prepare self-made Advent Calendars for their children, maybe with fabric pockets that can be filled with treats, slips of paper with Christmas messages, or small items. In our digital Advent Calendar we have prepared special online content for you! Every day there is a little surprise to discover.

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