ARVO 2021: Poster with OptoDrum Data by Columbia University

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We are pleased to point out that one of our OptoDrum users – Ms Anna Potenski from Columbia University – is presenting a poster on the topic of “Elucidating endothelial caspase-9 signaling pathways in retinal vein occlusion” at this year’s ARVO Virtual Meeting.

Anna Potenski and coworkers from Columbia University investigated vision damage after retinal vein occlusion (RVO). They used Striatech’s OptoDrum to assess the animal’s visual abilities. They found that knock-out of Apaf-I, an activator of the caspase-9 pathway, protected the animals from RVO-induced damages.

Read the poster here or catch Anna during the ARVO poster session at 5:15 PM – 7:00 PM CEST on Thursday, May 6.

Your Striatech Team