Unveiling the Mysteries of Albinism: Disrupted Retinal Harmony Due to CyclinD2 Deficiency


Albino mice, with their characteristic white fur and red eyes due to melanin deficiency, experience impaired vision, particularly in retinal development, affecting neuron targeting from the retina to the brain. Slavi et al. identified CyclinD2 as crucial in this process, finding its downregulation disrupts the cell cycle and RGC balance. Increasing intracellular calcium levels to upregulate CyclinD2 restored proper cell cycle progression and depth perception in albino mice, suggesting potential therapies for albinism-related vision disorders.

Journal Club: Developing a Novel Gene Therapy for Kcnv2 Retinopathy

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This Journal Club demonstrates the effectiveness of an AAV-based gene therapy in rescuing vision and restoring normal retinal responses in a mouse model of KCNV2 retinopathy, a genetic form of irreversible blindness caused by mutations in the Kv8.2 subunit of voltage-gated potassium channels. Efficacy tests were carried out with Striatech’s OptoDrum and ScotopicKit, among others.

Symposium: Opportunities, Hopes, and Challenges in Translating Visual Restoration from Mouse to Human

STRIA TECHEvents, Journal Club, Latest News

Striatech celebrates its 5th anniversary with a top-class Symposium on the topic of translating visual restoration from mouse to human. Presentations will be given by Professor Eberhart Zrenner (University of Tübingen), Professor Constance Cepko (Harvard Medical School) and Miikka Terho (Pioneer Retina Implant Patient, Finland). In addition, the speakers will highlight important aspects and directions in this area of research in a moderated panel discussion.