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Events - Wednesday, 05 Apr 2023

Inherited Retinal Dystrophy: Chronic Proinflammatory Signaling Accelerates the Rate of Degeneration

T.J. Hollingsworth, PhD - University of Tennessee Health Science Center

T.J. Hollingsworth presents his work where he characterized a new polygenic mouse model of inherited retinal dystrophies, the BXD32 mouse strain. He presents evidence that a proinflammatory environment in the retina supports and accelerates the degeneration of the retina and the loss of visual function.

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C57B/6J mouse retinal section immunolabeled for the photoreceptor protein rhodopsin in magenta and rootletin, a protein comprising the ciliary rootlet of the photoreceptor outer segment connecting cilium. Nuclei labeled with DAPI in blue. These cells are one of the two photoreceptor cell types affected by inherited retinal dystrophies.

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