Journal Club: Measuring Visual Acuity and Contrast Sensitivity by Optomotor Reflex in Rodents

STRIA TECHEvents, Journal Club

In vision research, observing the optomotor reflex (OMR) is an important and widely established method for assessing visual acuity and contrast sensitivity in rodents. In this event, we will hear about several applications of OMR measuremnts, ranging from quantification of retinal degeneration to characterization of night vision.

Abundant Neural circRNA Cdr1as Is Not Indispensable for Retina Maintenance

Muriel Haag

The role of circular RNAs is not well understood, including Cdr1as, which is abundant in vertebrate retina. Chen et al show that CDR1as-KO mice had only minor deficits. Those included reduced contrast sensitivity, as measured with our OptoDrum. Overall, however, Cdr1as abundance is not required for retinal development and maintenance.

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